Gpon onu configuration

Gpon onu configuration

Nowadays, many people so familiar about GPON. Using Optic as a medium connection make GPON is so powerful in delivering bandwidth than copper connection. Or sometimes that product can said with Triple-Play. Started before: days, 5 hours, 25 minutes OL OL01 config t Enter configuration commands, one per line. Like Like. This is Awesome. On the internet there is very little information. Some pon-mng-gpon commands do not work, I think it is for the firmware version of f Like Liked by 1 person.

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Thank you Like Like. Is happening very often Like Like.It implements smooth network evolution through the integrated Flex-PON service board. The ports of the Flex-PON service board can work in multiple modesincluding:.

The port mode of the Flex-PON service board can be set as required. After the port mode is set, the corresponding ONU can be connected to the optical module that matches the port mode.

Sets the port mode of all ports on a flex-PON board. In this case, you need to specify the Combo-PON type. Set the multiplexing mode of a combo-PON port to auto. The optical module type must be the same as the port mode. Otherwise, the optical module cannot work properly. Configure services. Otherwise, the switching fails. Figure 1 shows the flowchart for configuring the Flex-PON service.

After setting the Flex-PON port mode, you can configure services according to the configuration cases in the corresponding scenario. The configured Flex-PON port mode must be the same as the optical module type.

Otherwise, the cannot work properly. No board needs to be replaced. The OSS needs to be integrated only once. The ONT supports on-demand replacement. Figure Evolution Solution. Set the Flex-PON port mode.Gigabit passive optical network GPON is a point-to-multipoint access mechanism providing end users with the ability to consolidate multiple services onto a single fiber transport network.

gpon onu configuration

Optical network terminal ONT is an optical modem that connects to the termination point with an optical cable. They both refer to the user side equipment in GPON network. A small difference between them might be the application locations. ONU can work in different temperature and weather conditions. Its basic function is to control the float information in optical distribution network ODN to go in both directions.

In addition, it coordinates the multiplexing between the ONT conversion devices. There are two float directions for OLT system. One is the upstream direction to distribute different types of data and voice traffic from users.

The other is the downstream direction which gets data, voice and video traffic from metro network or from a long-haul network and sends it to all ONT modules on the ODN. If the control flag is active. You need to unbind the service first before delete the ONT.

To troubleshoot the ONT, you should remember that the most important step is to connect your computer directly to the ONT to see if the problem goes away. You can use the Ethernet cable for connection. If the problem still exists, you can reconnect the ONT power supply to clear its internal cache. If the network can not be restored after the above methods, maybe you need to consult professionals for help. COM is a good place to go.


Different types of ONT and OLT equipment are provided with high integration, flexible adaption and great reliability to meet all your requirements. Skip to content.They are highly reliable and easy to maintain, with guaranteed QoS for different service. And they are fully compliant with technical regulations such as IEEE Plug and play, features auto-detecting, auto-configuration, and auto firmware upgrade, etc. Integrated OMCI remote configuration and maintenance function.

Support Support NAT, Firewall function. Support IPv4 and IPv6 dual stack. RJ45 connectors. Full speed non-blocking switching. Integrated port monitoring, port mirroring, port rate limiting, port SLA, etc. Integrated IEEE Support RFC and redundant RFC, difference rings, MD5 authentication, call forward, call waiting, hot-line call, alarm clock, and all kinds of value-added voice service.

Multi-party conferencing. Line testing according to GR Call loss less than 0. Support connections. All Products. Fiber Media Converter POE Ethernet Switch Industrial Ethernet Switch Customer Reviews. I'm Online Chat Now. If you have skype or whatsapp, pls tell me, we can chat more smoothly.In response to the surge in demand for high bandwidth from enterprises as well as residential customers, GPON Gigabit Passive Optical Network has emerged as the most economical fiber option.

GPON is a form of fiber optic access network that uses a single optical fiber and an unpowered passive optical splitter to serve point-to-multipoint fiber to the premises enterprise and residential.

Configuration file of ZTE ZXA10 MDU ONU F820 Data Service-ZTE

GPON supports triple play: voice, video, and data services. The traffic in the OMCC channel has the highest transmission priority. A protocol-independent MIB Management Information Block is used for configuring the entity information and storing the management records. The procedure below explains the OMCC establishment.

OMCC Establishment:. The OMCI packet format is shown below:. Configuration Management Configuration management defines and supports the basic configurations such as system reboot, self-test, equipment control, interface and port configuration, and transmission profile management.

The OLT collects the alarm information in real time for monitoring and resolution purposes. In addition to the failure reporting, the OMCI also supports test, measurement, and in-service monitoring. Performance Management The ONUs create entities on request from the OLT, and monitor the data traffic and history of different services as listed below:. These keys are used to enhance data security by invoking the downstream encryption and password protection.

It is necessary to protect the downstream data with security as every message is broadcasted to all downstream ONUs. OpenOMCI differs in the following areas:. Share this:. Sign in to your account Account Login Username. Sign in. Forgot your password? We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you comply.The EGV5 does not need to save the configuration information locally. This helps to provision services.

Run the port portid ont-auto-find command to enable the auto-find function of the ONT. After the function is enabled, you can add EGV5 according to the information reported by the system. An auto-find ONT is in the auto-find state. The auto-find ONT can work in the normal state only after it is confirmed or added. Hence, it is applicable to adding ONTs in batches. The password authentication provides two discovery modes: always-on and once-on. This discovery mode is easy for future maintenance.

In the always-on discovery mode, configuration is not required to be modified when an ONT is replaced and only the password is required.

gpon onu configuration

The always-on discovery mode has lower security. If other users know the password, the users will illegally have service permissions. The once-on authentication mode has high security. After an ONT is replaced or the password is mistakenly changed, the ONT needs to be configured again, which requires more maintenance effort.

Whether 24 bytes or 36 bytes are used for authentication depends on data planning, which is unified over the entire network. If they are the same, the ONT authentication is passed. If they are the same, the ONT authentication is also passed. This operation is for compatibility with the ONTs using password authentication.

Adding ONTs in offline mode is applicable to the batch deployment scenario. When a use subscribes to the service, an installation engineer takes an ONT to the user's house and completes configurations. After the ONT goes online and passes authentication generally the password authentication mode or LOID authentication mode is usedthe service is provisioned. When users subscribe to the service, installation engineers take ONTs to the users' houses.

gpon onu configuration

The procedure is as follows:. Run the snmp-profile add command to add an SNMP profile before the configuration. Run the ont snmp-route command to configure a static route for the NMS server, that is, configure the IP address of the next hop.

GPON – Basic Command OLT ZTE

Run the ont alarm-profile command to bind an alarm profile. Run the gemport add command to add a GEM port. When adding a GEM port, select the correct attribute according to the service type. Run the ont activate command to activate the EGV5.

The EGV5 can transmit services only when it is in the activated state. After being added, the EGV5 is in the activated state by default. The step is required only when the EGV5 is in the deactivated state.

Run the display ont info command to query the EGV5 running status, configuration status, and matching status. To add five Huawei ONTs in offline mode with password authentication mode Huawei ONT passwords areset the discovery mode of password authentication to always-on, and bind Huawei ONT capability profile 10, do as follows:.

Then complete each step in turn according to this article. If any questions, please kindly contact our support team: supports thunder-link. Related Articles. You have added to your shopping cart. View Cart Continue.

Default Setting.Knowledge Base. Search this site. Data Center. IP Multicast. Link Aggregation. LTE Notes. Network Automation. Networking DataScience. Traffic Engineering.

How to Configure a GPON ONT (Distributed Mode)

The V reference point represents the network-facing interface of the OLT. In the upstream direction, it is used to bear the service traffic.

Each bandwidth type has its own QoS feature. It is allocated by OLT i. Each GEM port bears one kind of service traffic i. The Port ID ranges from 0 to It is allocated by the OLT i. The GEM channels carry variable-length Ethernet frames. This identifier is assigned by OLT upon creation of a new channel and is only valid during the entire life-cycle of the channel.

There are 2 variations on tag assignment at V interface in upstream direction - the traffic at V interface could be double-tagged or single-tagged. Subscriber 3 in Figure 3 In the downstream direction, the OLT removes the outer tag or passes through the traffic to proper GEM port based on the tag value and priority bits. For N:1 model, traffic is always single-tagged at V interface. V interface. Downstream Traffic Management Figure 6 shows a sample model of downstream traffic management.

It is then transmitted in the downstream direction to the PON interface by using a scheduler. At the ONT, the traffic is classified again and placed into appropriate queues for each U interface.

A scheduler is used to transmit frames to the U interface.

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