Bmw b48 engine intercooler

Bmw b48 engine intercooler

The wait is over. With over a year of development and testing on a stable of test cars in different racing conditions, we're proud to introduce our new Competition Series Front Mount Intercooler FMICthe ultimate intercooler solution for your N20 or N26 engine i, i, i and ii! The heart of the ER Competition FMIC is the massive 20"x11"x3" 26"x11"x3" with end tanks featuring our famous high density bar and plate intercooler core.

What's different about our bar and plate core you ask? Fin density. Why is this important?

bmw b48 engine intercooler

The fins are the main heat transfer surface. What does this mean in the real world? Most quality intercooler cores utilize around fins per square inch. Cheap quality oversea cores utilize around fins per square inch some even lower which explains why they perform so poorly even though a large core is utilized. Our Evolution Racewerks cores are fins per square inch. What this means is that compared to a cheap overseas core, we can get the same efficiency in roughly half the core size.

Now imagine if they're the same size! Independent testing by customers and shops throughout the years have shown that time and time again, our intercooler cores have outperformed our competitors. We've even had competing companies utilize our intercoolers for competition instead of their own! The independent test data below shows that our FMIC is so efficient in cooling that it has cooled intake air temperatures IAT to almost ambient outside temperatures.

We also did extensive testing on the proper size to use to effectively cool the hot charged air as well as fight off heatsoak when the intercooler cannot transfer heat away faster that the heating building up from the hot intake air. Also, our FMIC recovers so quickly after a full throttle pull that once you shift, it recovers completely. This is why pull after pull, our FMIC does not heatsoak.

Beat on it all day long and the IATs will consistently stay the same. Our intercoolers are designed to withstand the rigors of harsh racing conditions like road racing where you are at full throttle for long periods of time, sometimes behind other cars blocking direct airflow needed to cool down your intercooler.

With it's size and ability to support over hp, it is most likely the "last intercooler you will ever buy".Gone are the days of the screaming, naturally-aspirated BMW I6 engine. Far from it, in fact. While we might miss those brilliant engines of the past, BMW still makes some astonishing motors.

There are also several new and exciting engines BMW will be coming out with in the future. B48 2.

bmw b48 engine intercooler

Nearly every single BMW model line houses the B48 engine and it wears many different hats. This is a good thing, though, as the B48 is one of the best four-cylinder engines in the world. We recently sampled the new BMW i, a quite large car, and the B48 was able to motivate the big 5er quite easily. B57 Quad-Turbo 3. Displacing only 3.

The B57 powers the BMW d and allows the massive luxury sedan to get from mph in 4. The 1. BMW Mi 4. BMW claims mph will come in under 4 seconds. Who needs a proper M car at that point? B58 3. Are there BMW engines that make more power? Absolutely, several. Are the BMW engines that are more technically impressive? With news of the BMW i8 going out of production next month, many enthusiasts are feeling nostalgic, myself included. I remember the first time I …. News seems to be circling yet again about the end of the BMW i8.

After six years in service, the trendsetting BMW i8 is nearing the end of its product life cycle. To be honest, this is quite a …. The BMW i8 can hardly be considered a dragster.Turn up the boost with a tune and find your factory charge pipe break apart? You are not alone as this is a common situation with many enthusiast in this situation. The factory charge pipe is made out of plastic and was not designed to handle the higher boost levels.

Well, fear not! The solution is here! Replace it with a higher flowing, stronger aluminum charge pipe! Often ignored, charged intake airflow characteristics greatly affect throttle response, turbo lag and ultimately maximum power potential. Smooth bends and minimal obstructions are ideal.

We used aluminum lightweight mandrel bent piping to ensure smooth transitions.

BMW F30 340i B58 3.0L Intercooler Parts & Upgrades

The upper pipe features a long smooth transition from 2. Our competitor's on the other hand run a 2. The results?

Better throttle response and decreased turbocharger lag with our Charge Pipe Kit! The entire charge pipe is TIG welded for strength and beauty. Our Charge Pipe is available in 3 finishes. It is available in brush plain or mirror polish finish standard. An added benefit of the Type III Hard Black Anodizing is that it hardens the aluminum piping and makes it more durable against damage like dropping the pipe. Both charge pipes are included in the kit and are required for installation.

This is perfect for those who do not have the Methanol Injection yet but plan to do so in the future.

bmw b48 engine intercooler

Perfect place to connect your boost gauge or other devices to. The N55 engine does not have a pressurize hose or fitting from the factory that you can easily tap into. Now you do! Requires the optional vacuum fitting. If you have an Aquamist Methanol Kit, no worries! We have bungs made specifically for the Aquamist. Specify below if you need Aquamist bungs. Since this affects a very low amount of people, they will be custom made for you and not be regularly stocked.

Also, we do not have plugs for these bungs. You will have to already have the Aquamist kit. Toggle menu Tax Refund Sale!

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BMW B48 Engine RaceChip Tuning Installation - BMW 320i - 330i - 430i - 530i - X3 X4 Z4 20i 30i

Lightweight High Grade Aluminum Piping. Replaces the factory soft plastic charge pipe that is prone to breaking under high boost.They power 20i, 25i, 28i, and 30i models; a large percentage of all BMW models.

These small 2. Introduced inthe N20 began phasing out the N52 the following year. It was a big deal. BMW is long known for their ability to build beautiful inline 6 engines.

The N20 marks a big change to the inline 4, turbo engine. The most powerful version, found in 28i models, makes hp and tq.

Not too bad for a 2. Even better, the N20 is able to make over hp with basic mods and bolt-ons. While BMW quotes horsepower to the crank, testing shows the stock N20 is closer to whp.

Already a solid improvement over the 3. Of course, turbo BMW engines gain respectable power from simple mods. It is likely best to keep boost around 22psi peak. Not too many N20 owners are truly pushing the limits. Overall, expect the BMW N20 to be a reliable engine. It seems to be a slight improvement over the preceding N52 engine.

A concerning common problem is the N20 timing chain. BMW updated the timing chain design in Januarywhich appears to mitigate the likelihood of timing chain issues. Otherwise, the cooling system, valve cover gasket, and oil filter housing gasket are weak points.

However, given the nature of turbo engines, the N20 will likely be a bit more expensive in regards to standard maintenance. Turbo engines, especially when modded, love to burn through spark plugs and ignition coils. Not too expensive, but they can add up over time.The BMW B58 is a turbocharged inline-six engine which began production in Inthe B58 installed in the i topped Ward's 10 Best Engines list. It was included again the next year installed in the Mifor the third time in installed in the X5 40i and for the fourth time in installed in the newer Ggeneration Mi.

The S58 engine, which was released in earlyis the high performance version of the B The intercooler - a water-to-air design - is integrated into the intake plenum, to reduce the volume of air between the turbocharger and the cylinders. As per the N55, the B58 also features a single twin-scroll turbo, direct fuel injection, variable valve timing called double Vanos by BMWvariable valve lift called Valvetronic by BMW.

The B58 also features an engine-mounted heat encapsulation system to reduce engine wear and emissions during start-up. As a part of BMW's new modular engine family, the crankcase is a completely new design identical to the B57 diesel version, [10] engineered as both a gasoline and diesel engine in one common part. The closed deck crankcase is equipped with a completely new structure which can be identified by a complex array of ribs on the exhaust and intake side and an additional reinforcement frame on the oil pump side.

The S58 engine is the high performance version of the B58 engine. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 20 May Retrieved 21 May Retrieved 28 December Retrieved 30 December We have answers".

B46/B48 Charge Pipe Kit

Retrieved 22 May Retrieved 24 September Archived from the original on Retrieved Archived from the original on 12 June All rights reserved. More on this:. Along with the new BMW 3 Series Facelift and the G11 7 Series, the Bavarian manufacturer launched its latest 3-liter inline 6-cylinder petrol mill in the shape of the B58 engine.

Well, apparently not. As you can imagine, that will take a toll on something. Since efficiency and power outputs have gone up, other corners had to be cut and it seems like tuners will have their hands full when trying to upgrade the B58 mill. In stock guise, compared to its predecessor, the B58 will have PS HP at its disposal and more torque at Nm lb-ft compared to Nm lb-ft. Those achievements demanded some changes. First of all, the engine now has shorter tubing with an air-to-water intercooler instead of the old system.

The turbines went down in size and, therefore, extra grunt will be harder to squeeze out of them while the compression ratio also went up to which is pretty impressive in the first place. The intercooler will also be harder if not impossible to upgrade due to the fact that it is now integrated in the intake manifold which, in turn, will make meth injection systems a rarity on these cars as they are usually employed before the intercooler and not after it.

All things considered, it feels like BMW is definitely following a trend that is seeking to make engines less and less tunable. This could also be an explanation why the Germans decided to go with an upgraded version of the N55 engine on the M2 and not use the new engine for it, allowing people to tune it to further extremes.

Latest car models:. You will only receive our top stories, typically no more than 5 per day yes no.How is the B58 engine i improved from the venerable N55? We have answers. One of the, if not the biggest change of the LCI is the replacement of the venerable N55 engine. The N55 has been the heart of the i 3 Series from on. Despite being long in the tooth the engine is much loved and relatively rock solid, the new B58 engine has big shoes to fill.

In a never ending quest for more performance and efficiency the B family of engines was developed. We dive into what makes the B58 3. BMW B58 Highlights 3. The B58 engine features elements including double VANOS, TwinPower exhaust turbocharger technology, indirect charge air cooling that has been integrated into the intake system and a heat management module. A characteristic map-controlled oil pump, an injection system with direct rail and electric arc wire injection cylinder bores are used to achieve low fuel consumption.

All engines are also equipped with an automatic engine start-stop function and intelligent generator control as a further EfficientDynamics measure. The following table compares the technical data for both engines. The B58 has more horsepower and torque then the N The closed deck crankcase is equipped with a completely new structure which can be identified by a complex array of ribs on the exhaust and intake side and an additional reinforcement frame on the oil sump side. This design is mainly reserved for BMW diesel engines.

Due to the high combustion pressures in the diesel engine, a greater degree of rigidity is required in order that the forces can be safely absorbed. As the gasoline engine uses the same unfinished cast part as the diesel engine, it also benefits from this robust design.

Cross-flow cooling The B58 engine is equipped with a cylinder head featuring transverse flow cooling. In the case of cross-flow cooling, the coolant flows from the hot exhaust side to the cooler intake side. This has the advantage of enabling a more uniform heat distribution to prevail throughout the cylinder head.

Loss of pressure in the cooling circuit is also prevented. Electric arc wire spraying The cylinder walls of the B58 engine are coated with electric arc wire spray LDS. In this procedure a conductive metal wire is heated until it melts. The melt is then sprayed onto the cylinder barrels at high pressure. This layer of ferrous material is roughly 0. Typically found on the front of the engine, the B family of engines has the chain drive on the transmission side.

The inertia of the transmission at this end of the engine significantly reduces the rotary oscillations and also therefore the loads acting on the chain drive. Note the two different chains that make up the cam drive chain. In the diesel engines, the high pressure fuel pump is driven by this intermediary gear setup. On the gasoline engines the high pressure fuel pump is located on top of the engine so a simple gear transfer sprocket is used.

Presumably the cylinder head cover valve cover can be removed to change the solenoid so the entire engine does not need to be dropped. They are no longer bolted on, but are attached to the cylinder head cover using a bayonet fitting and retaining clips. An engine with smaller valve overlap therefore tends to have a high maximum torque at low engine speeds but the maximum power which can be achieved at high engine speeds is low. The maximum power achieved with a large valve overlap on the other hand is higher, but this is at the expense of the torque at low engine speeds.

It makes a high torque possible in the low and medium engine speed range and a high maximum power in the higher engine speed ranges. This reduces the emission of harmful nitrogen oxides NOx, particularly in the partial load range Valvetronic The Valvetronic has been further developed for use in the new Bx8 engines.

A distinguishing feature of the VVT4 is the Valvetronic servomotor is located outside of the cylinder head.

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